Bionic Jade

Bionic Jade who was born different. He don't know how he is different from other and he got his power in bionic lab

Bionic Dragon

It has Jade's DNA in its veins. It is made in the lab to kill Jade but it Become good dragon instead of killing him.

Bionic Wolf

Jade fed the wolf. While Jade is fighting the wolf comes in his way to save him.The wolf took all damage to save jade.


Jessica is a highly trained assassin. One who is very skilled in warfare and weapons. She can do everything for money.


The fedora is a mighty snake. She can make herself big and small. She can make herself as small as cells and can control anyone's mind.

Mutated Crow

They are forest crows and they were mutated in forest. They are numerous in groups, no one knows how they mutated.

B.Mutation Human

He is a mutated human who has been bitten by a mutated bat and turns into mutated humans. DNA sequence Bat mutation.

Professor Elvin

Professor Elvin was a former employee of the Bionic Company and a current friend of Jade's mother. He is working with Jade Secretly.

Zombie Martha

She wasn't a zombie forever. She was a dead person, her body was in the cemetery. But Bionic did some experiments with her body.

Cured Martha

After so many fight with zombie Martha, Jade was unable to defeat Martha. She Was raising zombie army from cut it her parts.

Ancient Mummy

Bionic steals an ancient mummy after completing their experiment with the Martha. They did experiment on Mummy and she wakes up.

Iconic AI

Jade's father left some pages of his research with Jade while he was trying to save him. It's about advanced bionic AI.