Story Plot

Bionic Labs is an advanced laboratory where very sophisticated experiments on people’s DNA and cybernetics are done in full secrecy. All the experiments are very confidential because of their nature. Bionic Labs has also created a smart AI for their research and development. The common people are not aware that they are also being treated as test subjects by the Bionic Labs. These experiments on living human beings resulted in human beings turning into entirely new creatures. Not only this, but laboratory scientists can control them like their servants.

In the greed of a long life span, they successfully worked out a new DNA sequence, but scientists lost control of the test subject. Two scientists who were working on these test subjects were not aware that their research could be used for the wrong purpose and that its consequences could be disastrous.

One day one of these scientists successfully created this kind of DNA and also discovered the truth about the Bionic Labs: they want to rule the world with their research using these monstrous creatures they have created.
So he put that DNA in his son “Jade” and got away with him. But before running, he also told another scientist to “destroy his research and don’t let his research get into bionic hands.” And then he ran away, gave Jade” to a lady, and said “Please take care of him; one day he will save us”. After hiding “Jade” successfully, his father was killed by a bionic organisation.

on other side , second scientist name was “Elwin” . So he destroys their research, as Jade’s father said, and he also runs away.

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